Patron Donation Sheet

Post 331 focuses its charitable donations primarily on Cape May County organizations, with priority given to veteran-related projects. Organizations are selected based on their relationship to The American Legion’s Four Pillars:

I. Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation

  1. Support Veteran Access to VA and Local Services and Benefits
  2. Provide Comradeship and Recognition of Veterans
  3. Improve Veteran Quality of Life
  4. Provide Voluntary Assistance to Veterans with Special Needs
  5. Support Homeless Veterans
  6. Provide Final Respects for Veterans
  7. Support Veteran Hospitals, Homes, and Programs

II. National Security

  1. Support the Troops (relief efforts, care packages, etc.)
  2. Facilitate Homeland Security by Supporting Local Police, Fire, and other Emergency Services
  3. Support USCG Members and Families stationed at USCG Base Cape May

III. Americanism

  1. Encourage Flag Etiquette and Provide Proper Flag Disposal
  2. Support Boy Scout Veteran-Related and/or Patriotic Projects
  3. Encourage Recitation of Pledge of Allegiance, where Appropriate
  4. Foster Patriotism
  5. Support Local Jr ROTC Programs
  6. Support Boys Nation/State
  7. Perpetuate Community Knowledge and Appreciation of American Legion and Veterans through Support of Community Organizations and Activities, such as Providing a Meeting Place for the Stone Harbor Seniors Program.

IV. Children & Youth

  1. Encourage and Reward Students for Accomplishments in Americanism
  2. Sponsor Student American Legion Scholarships for Americanism
  3. Perpetuate Student Knowledge and Appreciation of American Legion and Veterans through Support of Patriotic Programs and Activities